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Hören - Lesen - Spielen
Hören – Lesen- Spielen is an activity designed to help children experience the joy of reading from a young age on. The library offers regular activities like this to help kids develop a compentent behaviour towards media.
"Hören - Lesen - Spielen" takes place at the side branch of the library, the Mediathek Vochem.

Listening  - reading  - playing
Ascoltare - leggere   - giocare
Duymak   - okumak  - oynamak
Escutar    - ler          - jogar
Degjön     - lexón      - lúan
Stuchac   - czytac    - bawic
Sunáv      - ginaváv    - kheláv



Kids from age 2 to 6 and their parents are invited to play, read, draw and enjoy crafting every second Friday of a month.

Where:      Mediathek Vochem in the Kinder- und Familienzentrum Brühl

When:      You find the dates for the next events here.



Eintritt frei - Free entry - Intrata libera! - Girls bedava!
Entrada gratuita - Hyrje fálas! Wstep - bezplatny!