Hey Kids & Teens!

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NEW*NEW*NEW in your library!

...then visit the Public Library Brühl and get to know our offers for kids and teens!

Cozy in our sofa corner and grab an exciting book ...

Do you know Antolin?

At www.antolin.de you can answer many quizzes to many books and thus check your textual comprehension.

And of course - also in the library we have a large selection of books on which you can test your read knowledge on Antolin.de.

How do you find such books in the town library?
Look for the orange crown that decorates the head of the raven!

Have fun reading our books and the quiz! smiley

Reading set

Do you know the reading set?
    For all 3-year-old children in the municipal library is a free
    Readiness set available.
    It has the following content:

    Picture book "Bitte anstellen"
    Parents councilor "Komm, lies mir vor!" In 4 languages
    Read-tip brochure "Lesespaß von Anfang an" with many exciting book tips
    Hidden object "In the library"